Wednesday, May 26, 2010

12 week challenge... an update

An update on this weeks weigh-in.

Currently the main weight loss leader has done no exercise, just reduced her intake of milk?!!

The person who has done the most exercise, 1060 minutes!, has lost only 0.6kgs but is looking fitter.

I'm so glad that we have different prize categories to reflect the different ways people are benefiting from their efforts. I have proudly passed the 1000 minutes of exercise mark too and am 20 minutes behind the leader. I've dropped 3.5kgs and am aching all over but happy. Waistbands are still very snug as I am still 8kgs heavier than this time last year but I'm happy that I am moving in the right direction. I've also moved my Body Mass Index from the pre-obese band back into the normal band. My GP should be happy too. I am delaying an overdue migraine follow up until after the 12 weeks so it is an added motivation to be accountable to my doctor at the end.

There has been lots of temptations in work this week including a big spread of food to mark the leaving of two of our doctors. I was really chuffed to see that our healthy eating has not gone unnoticed. Within the spread of pastries and fried fish, spring rolls and battered calamari rings I noticed a healthy fruit platter and one of the departing doctors who had brought some chocolates had also made an effort to buy some healthy choice treats too for those of us in the challenge! So many people commented on how they were proud of their self control and were managing to avoid the temptation of the huge chocolate mousse cake.....

Well some people anyway!

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  1. Is that you? Keep up the good work Gina. I wish I could get on the band wagon... I just can't seem to lose any weight!! It's all the muscle tone from pilates, I least that's what I tell myself! Ha Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. My comment seemed to vanish...oh well...will try again. :)

    I have heard that muscle is heavier than fat so while the scale may not be dropping that quickly, you are still doing well.

    Keep up the good work....I know you can do it! :)