Thursday, May 06, 2010

The magic watch.

I've been a bit off the radar for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes life just gets busy and something has to give and recently that something has been blogging.

I still day-dream about a magic watch I saw in a film as a child. A watch that was running slightly fast. When the man who held it turned the hands back the ten minutes to correct it everything froze. Time stood still, people paused mid stride crossing busy roads, conversations remained unfinished, even the birds hung in the air. As soon as he put the hands back to their original position everything carried on with no-one aware that anything had happened.

In that magic ability to freeze time what would I do? Get my daughters unruly mop of hair brushed beautifully as we head out to school. Never be late getting anywhere ever again? Have an immaculately tidy and clean house because there would always be enough hours in the day? Catch up on sleep when the alarm clock goes off at 6am? Stop my child from falling over in the playground?  Find the time to exercise, ex-foliate and manicure my chipped finger nails?

I don't have a magic watch. If I had this blog would have been updated daily and you would be none the wiser!

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  1. Well it is Mother's Day this weekend and that is the BIGGEST hint for a present I've ever seen...

    Okay, off to the mall to find a Magic Watch. Do you want it in any particular colour?


  2. Pick one up for me too please. I'm not particular about color. :)

  3. I used to dream of a magic watch as well. Just think how it would age you in the end though. Funny I never thought of that as a child. It must mean I am over 40... Yikes!