Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tough love.

We struggled this year to decide if we were happy for Gareth to play Rugby. He is 7 and has been playing a "tag" form of the game that minimises impact and injury. This year his team category made some changes and it became full contact. At 7 we were a bit unsure if we wanted to subject him to broken noses and fractured ribs. We held him back from registering for a few weeks but eventually relented and tentatively signed him up. He is loving it.

He trains on a Tuesday evening and Byron brings him and stays to watch while I am at home getting dinner ready to serve up when they come back in the door cold and muddy. This week Rhiannon wanted to go in the car with them and throw a ball around on the sidelines with her Dad. No problem I thought. Imagine my surprise when they returned later that evening grinning and muddy with some BIG news... My wonderful husband who voiced the above concerns about his 7 year old son being disfigured and battered had just signed up our mad middle child to the same team!

And so this weekend we padded and protected two of our three precious kids with skull caps and mouth guards and let them loose on a muddy pitch to chase after an oval ball and be pounded under a scrum pile of similar sized over excited children.

Oh please God let the man who falls in love with her in future years be not put off by crooked noses, dirty knees or cauliflower ears!

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  1. HAHAH that is so awesome! Way to go Rhiannon! She looks so proud of herself. I'm sure she'll find a man who who will be proud to show off his "rugby" wife to all his buddies one day!

  2. She will be showing the boys how it's done! :)

  3. Oh Rhiannon... good for you! You get em girl! Thanks for you comment on my blog. I can't wait to see your flower projects! Gina... she will be loved! Don't you worry about a thing!

  4. I love this. I played on the boys soccer team all the way through high school. In all actuality, you will probably have to beat the boys off with a stick. With a beautiful face like that and the Rugby tough she will be the inigma that the boys cannot get enough of. Good luck mom.

  5. Wow that is scary ....I have always wondered why girls want to play football.. never known any female to play Rugby ..

  6. Oh, I love your husband! How fun for your daughter. She is one of a kind, embrace it. Loved this post and I loved the picture of all the kids piled on top of each other. Hilarious! xo,Gina