Friday, May 07, 2010

Walking in Newcastle

We went on a walk last weekend. Byron and myself had just bought new sports shoes in a huge buy-one-get-one-free sports warehouse and we were feeling that post retail therapy buzz (well I was!) The kids had their scooters in the back of the car and so we stopped at the renovated docklands area of Newcastle and tried to keep pace with them as they scooted off ahead of  us along the waterside paths.

It was getting towards dusk and the light was fading. We bought them ice-creams from a small kiosk that was shutting up for the day and enjoyed watching the orange glow reflect off everything as the sun went down.

I think we will have to come here more often at this time of evening. Especially now that I have my broken in my fancy shmancy new running shoes!

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  1. Have I mentioned I'm coming to see you?

  2. Beautiful!

  3. it is beautiful there! Thank you Gina for the kind words you always leave on my blog! You're one of the far away friends I referred to in my post!

  4. Oh, this is the favorite time of day at the beach for me. The sun dances on the water, looking like diamonds. Just beautiful. I am in my sweats, it is dreary and cold outside, these photos are therapy to me. Ahhhh......xo,Gina