Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today was a very exciting day for Mr B. His football team that he has supported since childhood is called Cardiff City, nicknamed "The Bluebirds" . They have reached the end of the current season and have successfully got through to the playoffs which gives them a chance to be promoted into the Premiership, the top of the Football ladder.

The Bluebirds have never been in the premiership in Byron's lifetime. Because we now live on the other side of the world their evening match was happening  in the early hours of our morning. When Byron woke he checked the on-line news on his mobile and saw that the score was Cardiff 1: 3 Leicester, He was devastated.  I went downstairs and returned to bed with a cup of tea which he drank silently. After a while he picked up his mobile to read the match report only to see a different score Cardiff 3: 3 Leicester. The match had not yet ended! He ran down the stairs at breakneck speed and watched as the team he has cheered for since childhood went on to win the game!

There is one final nailbiting game to be played on Saturday, the winner of which will be promoted into the Premiership. Who knows what highs and lows Saturday will bring. For now Byron is on cloud 9!

We seized the moment and decided to make this evening a mad celebration of all things "Bluebird" By the time Byron walked in the door from work we had blown up blue and yellow balloons, hung up his Cardiff City flag and made lots of teeny cupcakes decorated with blue icing and flags on cocktail sticks that the kids had helped make when they came in from school.

Roll on Saturday. While the Bluebirds play their very best in Wembley stadium, on the other side of the world  the 5 of us will be cheering them on Down Under!

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  1. This sounds a lot like our football playoff games and finally the Super Bowl. I haven't watched much football in the past several years but when I was younger and living in Denver, I became a fan of the Broncos. You couldn't help it actually, the city was alive when football season came around. They went to the Super Bowl four times but sadly they lost each one. Several years after I had moved back here, they went again ~ and won two years in a row! I was thrilled for the team ~ almost as if I still lived there.

    Good Luck to the Blue Birds!!

  2. Sorry. You lost me on "cupcakes."