Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keeping up momentum.

The weather has gone all chilly and wet here in Australia. Autumn has arrived and already we are getting glimpses of the winter on its way. Enthusiasm for exercise has plummeted with a sore throat being my main excuse. Here are some photos Sian and myself took on our big walk last week while Gareth and Rhiannon were at Rugby training. It was a beautiful evening and seems like ages ago. This weeks Rugby was called off due to rain. I'm hoping that looking at these pictures might motivate me again. There is a cross-trainer in the garage so I really cant use weather as an excuse. I'm tired, grumpy, just in the door from work and need a cup of tea. Maybe when I've drunk it I'll have a go...

Bet you can't guess who is who...?

Ok, Forget I asked, I'm going to put the kettle on!

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  1. These photos are stunning! You should consider blowing them up and displaying them someplace where you'd see them every day, because they do seem so inspiring and motivational!

  2. Love the silhouette images....beautiful colors!

    Even though we have communicated for a while, it is still funny to hear you talk about the opposite season I am living in. Bundle up, stay warm. :)