Friday, July 30, 2010

The little nurse.

Sian got a pupil free day this week. With Byron and myself both working it was an awkward one. Would we leave her home alone? Could Byron work from home? Would I take an unpaid day off from the hospital? None of these were going to work for us so I did the only thing I could think of, I smuggled her into work, sat her in a corner with her ipod, some snacks and the remote to the little tv.

Luckily I work in a lovely hospital where the staff really look out for each other. Sian had plenty of people say hello and drop her out some chocolates from the nurses desk. She even got put to work when a patient was discharged home. When the empty room was cleaned down I brought her in to make up the bed with me! It was fun teaching her envelope corners and she was fascinated by the different layers of mattress protectors, sheets, blankets and bed spreads. She is so used to having a duvet in her room that requires no bed making skills. She is a quick learner and it was fun to spend some time together out of our normal environment.

The best part was having company on my morning tea break. We found ourselves alone in the staff room giggling like a couple of girls as we took self portraits on the mobile.

I wonder if her little taste of nursing will put her off  for life or sow a seed for the future...

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  1. That's awesome...I used to love going to the hospital my mom worked at when I was a girl!

  2. What a lovely day for her! I bet you enjoyed it at least a little bit, too.

  3. What a great day to spend with your little one! And she is just beautiful!

  4. She won't forget that fun for her! And I love the pic of you two...

  5. Sow a seed most likely. What a fun day!

  6. Mommy & daughter work day! Very special! Just out of curiosity, what type of nurse are you?

  7. I work in a Rehab ward. Lots of hip replacements and people recovering from strokes. More recently we have also had younger patients from major car crashes. Interesting even though it is physically demanding.

  8. The photograph of you two is wonderful! Who knows, she may one day follow in your footsteps!

  9. That had to be a pretty interesting experience for Sian, actually seeing for herself what your job involves, rather than just hearing about it. In the States there's a day called "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" where many employees -- depending on the job, of course -- are encouraged to bring their daughter (or son) to work with them to show them what they do. I always thought it was a pretty interesting idea. Do they have anything similar in Australia, too?