Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day 2012

I worked.
They played.
I messaged questions during my break?
They responded with photos.
I was jealous.
They knew I was teasing.
I got home tired.
They made me a cup of tea.
Happy Australia Day everyone.
How did you spend it...?!

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  1. Lovely! Hope work was ok.

    We fed chips to seagulls in the morning. The afternoon was spent with our uni friends and the dads taught their little girls how to play backyard cricket. So Australian!

  2. With friends enjoying a BBQ with prawns, lamb and pavlova. Now home with the fans on, chilled glass of wine and waiting for the men's semi in the Australian open to start.
    Happy Australia day.

  3. I hope your day was good even though it was a work day. A cup of tea at the end of the day sounds like a sweet gesture from your family, it's nice when they think of you. We spent the day at home, hubby watched cricket, I did some gardening and the girls play a simple day at home. It was a nice break to have in our first week back at school, we're all feeling pretty tired here. xx

  4. They were "thinking" of you!

  5. What a lovely picture, they seem so joyful!