Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year

Looking back on 2011 I feel grateful that as a family it has overall been a good year.

The kids were happy and healthy which is all we can really hope for. They all did well in school with glowing reports at the end of the year but more importantly they enjoyed the academic year and the fun of good friendships, new and old.

Byron worked hard and learned many new skills that lead him in the direction of writing apps for the iphone and ipad, an exciting direction and one that someday may fund my love of shoes and handbags!

I reduced my work hours from three days a week to two. The difference to our family life was immense and everyone was grateful for the more consistent flow of clean laundry and hot meals on the table! I read more books this year than I have read in the previous 5, due no small part to the gift of an ipad from Byron with a great selection of books on it.

Our extended family faced challenges with health that had a big impact on all involved. We don't refer to much of that here to protect privacy but we hope and pray for a happier and healthier 2012 in that area.

Do I have any resolutions?

The obvious jump to mind

Get Fit
Relax more
Eat healthier
Enjoy quality family time

The actual " How To"  requires a bit more thought...
Menu planning so that the right food is in the fridge.
Planning some exercise into my week so that I work other things around it and don't leave it till the last priority  where it is bound to be forgotten.
Perhaps being less "attached"  to my phone when I am in the home. The ping of a new email often stops me from completing a task as I stop everything to read what often is just a junk email anyway. I have started by unsubscribing myself from many special offer websites and newsletters.
Continuing our " technology free hour"  where we all leave our phones, ipods, DS consoles etc in another room and come together for a snuggle on the sofa to watch a comedy or documentary. This was perhaps the most rewarding habit we started in 2011. We joke that even the house phone can wait and the call be returned later in the evening, even if it the Pope ringing from the Vatican!

Hopefully we have set ourselves some positive goals that are achievable. We are only human and family dynamics change as children grow and test boundaries. We will be flexible in our attitude and hope that the end of 2012 finds us as happy and healthy as it does now.

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  1. we all have time together without gadgets and phones too its great and the kids do enjoy it. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead you deserve it. Glad i was apart of your 2011 and hope to be there in 2012 aswell

  2. Time with family is the best, so rewarding and fullfilling.
    May the New Year bring you everything you wish for.

  3. Happy new year to you Gina and to your family. I hope 2012 is indeed one filled with good health and happy times. x

  4. Happy New Year to you Gina!! May the New Year bring great things for your family, love, happiness and good health. I've enjoyed being able to share your family adventures and I look forward to visiting and seeing what you get up to this year:) xx