Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The button, the artist, the friend, the two girls, the other friend and the sister.

Once upon a time in the beautiful country of Ireland lived a very talented artist called Jane. 

Jane loved buttons and made jewellery with them in her button studio in her hometown of Athlone. She loved her little creations and as time went by so did the people around her. The newspapers started to write about her and she was interviewed on the television and radio.

Jane had a friend Nicola who lived nearby. Nicola was a generous spirited girl who loved nothing more than to spend time helping others. It just so happened that she spent time with the artist helping her prepare her wares for sale in a big craft fair in the city of Dublin. 

Nicola loved Jane's creations so much that she bought two of her necklaces and sent them across the seas to two girls who lived in Australia. The two girls were the daughters of Nicola's other friend, Gina. Nicola made sure that the two girls knew the story of the artist and how talented she was and how she hoped she would do well with her craft. The two girls loved their button necklaces because they knew they were unique and no one in Australia had anything similar. 

The friend Nicola travelled to Australia and visited the two girls and her other friend Gina. She talked about the time she had spent with the artist and Gina felt as though she knew her. 

Gina had a sister that lived in the city of Dublin back in country of Ireland. She had an important job planning a big craft fair. As she walked around the fair on the day it opened she felt proud of all that she could see. Talented people with all their creations selling to the people of Dublin. As the sister walked she stopped at one stall. It was filled with the most beautiful necklaces she had ever seen. Made from buttons no less. The sister stopped and wondered if perhaps her sister Gina who lived in Australia would like one for Christmas and so she chose one and wrapped it carefully and posted it to her.

And so it was that on Christmas Day Gina unwrapped a beautiful necklace with the cutest buttons and laughed as she realised that her sister had unwittingly chosen a gift for her made by the artist that was helped by her friend.

And they all lived happily ever after
The End

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  1. I want one!!!!

  2. How very clever! I love it!! Isn't it a small world, after all? As for my gems necklace... the big hold out is Danny. My boy wonder living it up in Colorado. The others are finished providing me with these most valuable gems!!

  3. Gorgeous! And what a fascinating coincidence.

  4. Those are absolutely adorable. And what a cute way to tell the story. That is so fun.

  5. How funny is that! Your sister knows you very well even more than she realised. x

  6. What a lovely, lovely story. And how small the world is, indeed!