Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Wedding!

We left home at 4pm leaving behind the kids with popcorn, movies, dinner cooked and babysitter to oversee everything. It was hot and sticky and I was glad of the hour in the car with air-con on full blast to stop my make-up running off my face. I painted my nails as Byron drove. Not the best idea when you consider the amount of roundabouts we stopped and started at! We pulled into the car park and circled for a space as families brushed the sand off kids and headed home for tea and other wedding guests jostled for their car spaces. Byron changed into his crisp ironed shirt in the car park and cringed as a couple strolled past us, the man wearing a full formal suit and tie (we had been told no tie needed!) The next couple to get out of their car were dressed similarly to us and Byron breathed out again.

We weren't sure how many people we would know but as we walked into the surf club lots of the faces were familiar. The location was spectacular. The club was in an elevated position overlooking the sand and sea. We were handed welcome drinks, I could have downed the glass of cold champagne in seconds. The main conversation was excited whispers about the wedding itself. Everyone had a guess at what surprises lay in store. And then in walked the bride and groom.

Tenelle had opted for a glamorous black and diamonte dress and Kane was wearing a cool linen shirt open at the neck. They both looked so relaxed and happy. After mingling with their friends and family they made their way down to the sand and exchanged vows and rings.

Kane's Dad Mike took lots of photos and when Kane's Mum Lin posted them on Facebook I cheekily asked her if I could download them to use them here!

When we all returned upstairs to the club the party really started. Cocktails were flowing.  I liked the look of these pink ones with rose petals floating in them but boy were they strong!

I moved on to these Mohitos with their refreshing mint sprigs.
I tasted a friends Margarita and nearly died. It had trouble written all over it for someone who was planning on being up at 6am to go work in a hospital!

Byron and myself kicked off our shoes as the sun began to set and went for a walk on the beach. It was so lovely to be strolling along a beach with the day sinking away at the horizon. Hearing the sound of laughter and music drifting in the evening breeze. It's not often we get the chance to have romantic time together. I think the romantic glowing feeling inside was probably helped along by the cocktails!

When we got back from the walk we noticed that there was a fun addition to the party tucked away in a back corner...

...a photo booth!

Anyone could go in and have a series of 4 images taken which printed out onto 2 strips.

One to put in a book for the couple and one to take home!

I had so much fun going in with Byron and later with a bunch of girls.

The more the cocktails flowed the more giggles came out of the booth.

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall as the night wore on!

The wedding cake was an ice-cream cake and a mountain of delicious Adriano Zumbo macaroons!
The kids had watched Adriano on a recent tv series Junior Masterchef and I knew they would  be so jealous that we managed to eat one of his famous concoctions. The brides Mum Anne read my mind and wrapped up one of each flavour to hide in my handbag and sneak home to the kids.

We said our goodbyes at a respectable 10am as we had an hour drive home and I had an early start the following morning. I struggled to get out of bed when the alarm woke me at 6am. I left the "Zumbaroons" out on the table for the kids to find at breakfast before I slipped out the door to work...miraculously clear headed but still stifling a yawn or two!

Thank you Tenelle and Kane for inviting us to share such a special day with you. You sure made your wedding memorable and very unique to you. I hope that you live the rest of your life with the same love and laughter and you always remember the special qualities that drew you together.


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  1. Gina... you and Byron on look so cute together! The perfect blend of handsome and beautiful~

  2. A lovely post, I especially enjoyed the romantic moment that you had with Bryan.
    And I am curious about the effect of the pink drink against the grey background: how did you do it?

  3. Sounds like a great day to be part of. I like the casual beach wedding idea it's so different to the church type weddings I've been to in the past.
    Aren't you lucky being able to sample those macaroons? Bet the kids were thrilled with their 'breakfast' the next day?