Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dear Granny.

Dear Granny and Grandad Joe,
Thank you very much for my meccano car for Christmas. Dad was very
excited when he saw it. He used to have meccano when he was my age. He
thought he was an expert. That was until we sat down this weekend to
make it. He thought it was exciting at first. Then the instructions
got a bit tricky. Another problem was the size of his fingers. Meccano
is not made for big fat fingers to get into. Well it is almost
possible but it leaves you with cuts and bruises. I thought it was
funny when I learnt new words from Dad. Mum didn't think the new words
were so funny. She told me never to use them in school. Or in front of
Granny. Or auntie Rhonda. We got to the end and there were a couple of
bits left over. Mum wanted to know if we had followed the instructions
perfectly. Dad used another new word and went out to the garden to
water the plants. It was a bit strange because it was raining?
Mum said that I should send you a photo of the finished car and say
thank you very much. Dad said that next year you should send Lego.
I love you lots.
Gareth xoxoxo

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  1. Why is it that dads never need instructions?! And an expanded vocabulary: who says kids don't learn new things in the holidays ;-)

    Well done Gareth (and Byron) - it looks great.

  2. How much I laughed, so real!