Friday, January 06, 2012

Tornado warning!

Rhiannon has survived her first tornado!
She went to play at a friends house and just before I was due to collect her the mother of all storms hit from out of the blue! They went from applying their sunscreen to holding on to the nearest heavy object. It passed over in a short time and afterwards we got some photos and a first hand description of it from my friend Monica. With her permission I have given you her version of events (because if I wrote it I would be accused of exaggerating!!!)

"Yesterday, about 3.40pm, with minimal warning there were raging winds, rain and hail (the grass turned white), no visibility across the lake, boats rocking wildly and branches flying, in one instance breaking a tile on our roof before crashing into our backyard.   Our catamaran on the shore turned 90 degrees and was sitting on another catamaran.

After the storm which some  described as being like in a tornado, neighbours gathered to compare stories and wait for the LMCC crews to come and clear the blocked road.  
Two of the girls friends had been picked up from being at our house for the day and two were still with us. Their parents couldn't get down the street as branches were across the road.

Then the task raking leaves, washing windows and picking up loads of branches began.
Amazingly, the impact was mostly between Prospect Avenue and the fence outside our house at the end of the road.    On the other side of the fence there were virtually no branches fallen!"

The girls were very glad to see blue skies again and by the time I got there they were over their fear and posing on the fallen trees. I hope this experience doesn't add to Rhiannons already nervous disposition around wild weather!

So far she is enjoying the re-telling of the "Adventure"

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  1. Oh wow that's a bit scary. Luckily everyone is ok Gina. I still get a bit frightened if we get too much rain here after the flooding we had early last year. Nature is beautiful but unpredictable. x

  2. I would have died of worry if one of my children had gone through a tornado without me in the same place. But I know that they have to go through all kind of situations while growing up, it is called experience!

  3. Yikes... scary! So glad everyone is ok.

  4. Oh scary. I also have a nervous disposition around wild weather. I don't like it at all. Glad she was safe and had fun after the fact.