Sunday, June 01, 2014

01:06:14 Hello Winter!

Another walk, but this time the weather is getting cooler. Today is the first day of Winter here in Australia. Last week it was still so warm it seemed laughable that we were entering our cooler season but in just one week the temperatures have dropped significantly. Despite the cold there are still splashes of colour to be found. Gareth scaled a steep grassy embankment to pick this little bunch of wild daffodils for me. They smelt incredible! One last sprig of flowers to put in our May Altar before we put it away.

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  1. How beautiful. Today I picked 10 peoneys huge deep red buxom flowers because although we are officially in summertime we have a yellow weather warning for the weekend with rain hail thunder& lightening forecast, love Auntie Jul xxxxx

  2. So pretty!! Still beautiful here in New York. We've had a brilliant spring. I love the hibernating and hunkering down at home that comes along with the winter time but it's so darn nice to be able to open up the windows and feel a breeze coming thru them. Yesterday, we had our air conditioning on but today it's off and the windows are wide open. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!! : ) Have a beautiful weekend!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy