Thursday, June 12, 2014

12:06:14 Mockingbird

It is one week until the June Old Ducks gathering. This months book is "To Kill A Mockingbird"  A classic book but not one I had read before. I placed an online request for it at my local library. When the text came in to say it was ready to collect I called in that evening, eager to get my hands on it. Sian was with me as I waited for the librarian to get it from the reservation shelf. She came back with a very thin little book and started the process of checking it out. I turned and whispered to Sian "Look how small the book is! No excuse for any of the Old Ducks not to have finished it this month" I was still giggling to myself as I walked out the library door. 

But then I looked down and flicked through the book. Something just wasn't quite right. I had reserved the "Study Notes Guide" to the book and not the book itself! I had to sheepishly return and ask the assistant if she had the actual book. She was very professional and I'm sure it was just me reading the smug "Ha ha" in her eyes! She found the proper full copy of the book and asked did I still want the study guide. I stood up straight and tall and said of course I did. It would be an invaluable addition to our Book Club discussions. I turned and left holding both books tight with cheeks still pink and Sian laughing at my side. 

Roll on next Thursday. I will be so ready for our very serious literary dissection! 

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