Monday, June 02, 2014

02:06:14 Gabrielle Aplin

Today Sian and myself boarded a train and made our way to Sydney to a concert in an unusual venue, a large Presbyterian church. Until now I hadn't heard about "Heavenly Sounds" It is a tour circuit of Australian churches and cathedrals in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide. 

Tonights main performer was a young UK singer/songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin, that Sian has liked for a while. She has a song that has been played a bit here on Australian radio. It is a cover version of "The Power of Love" an old Frankie Goes To Hollywood track (that I liked back in the day that dinosaurs roamed the earth!) It's quite a "breathy" delicate cover so I was imagining this girl to be very ethereal and fragile. I was so wrong. She was a tiny, power charged rocket! She belted out song after song on her guitar and brought the house down. 

It was a really good night. It's just such a shame it takes so long to travel to and from Sydney. We were on a train by 11pm but didn't get home till well after 1:30am. I think nights like this are worth it, the concerts I went to back in my teens were a part of who I was, who I identified with, who I aspired to be. Seeing this performer who had so much personality, guts and individualism, follow her dreams is a great example to all of us that we do not need to be cut from the same cloth, made from the same moulds, conform to what everyone around us is doing. 


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