Wednesday, June 04, 2014

04:06:14 Wyong Windows

Every hospital I visit while doing this job has little hidden treasures that you don't see on the first trip around. For the first few times I walk through each building my eyes are seeking out floor-plans, ward names, arrows to tell me where I should be going. As each hospital becomes more familiar my eyes can look around more and take in some of the details that escaped me on previous rounds. 

Today I saw a door in Wyong Hospital. Inside was a quiet oasis bathed in coloured light. A place to come and be still, to say a prayer or just escape the hustle and bustle of the wards, to ask for help or to give thanks. I'm sure many people have bared their souls in this room. Have bargained and pleaded, have cried tears of sadness and tears of joy. It was nice to spend a few moments in here, breathing deep and quieting my mind before walking back out onto the bright busy corridor, folder held tight and shoes moving quickly on to the next destination. 

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