Thursday, June 05, 2014

05:06:14 "Trish"

Another piece of artwork on the walls of John Hunter. The more I walk those long corridors the more I see!

This is quite a huge piece of artwork. It is made from 30 square canvases, each painted by a different artist. A photo of  "Trish" was taken and mapped out into a grid. Each artist was given a square and asked to paint it in a style of his or her choice. The only stipulation was to maintain the correct proportions so that the 30 squares would blend well into the final portrait. 

Everytime I walk by this painting my eye is drawn to a different square. I think to myself  "which of these squares is most like the style I would have painted in?" I can't help but feel for the artists who got the outer edge squares with very little of Trish in them to be creative with. Did they draw numbers out of a hat? Did they get choice? Did any artist swap with another? What did Trish think when she saw the finished work?

Another work week over. I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. So much to catch up on at home. Things can unravel so quickly on these weeks I work double my normal hours. I take my hat off to mums who regularly do these hours and juggle their homes and kids. I hope you are all having a good week.

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  1. Such a fun piece of art! I can't help but laugh at thinking of the person who got the teeth or nose. That must have been interesting to painstakingly work on for hours at a time!

  2. I pushed enter too soon. So is there a story behind Trish?

  3. There was a poster on the wall telling us about Trish. I stupidly cropped the photo without thinking to re-read the info. I think she was/is a Doctor in the hospital. I will have to look again next week when I am back there!