Wednesday, June 18, 2014

18:06:14 Is it a strange creature? No it's a hat!

The kids were mortified by my choice of headwear that I put on for my weekly walk during their tennis lessons. "It's not that cold Mum" Well I disagree. It's bloomin' freezing here in Australia. Winter has well and truly started. Luckily it was dark and my walking companion Angelina wasn't too embarrassed to be seen walking with a hairy big eared creature. I think I'm getting old because I don't seem to worry so much about what random strangers think of me. Oh the freedom of not-caring!

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  1. Very interesting, but oh how I understand that as I age I worry less about other's opinions :) As you are getting colder, it is supposed to be 90 degrees F here today. Take Care, Cheryl