Saturday, June 21, 2014

21:06:14 Happy Anniversary Mr B

I can't believe I have spent half my life with you! I was a 20 year old student nurse when we crossed paths on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Little did I expect I would have an engagement ring on my finger less than a year later. That we would be married a year after that. 

What an adventure this last twenty years has been. I feel like my whole identity is moulded into being half of "Us" Almost all my adult life has been spent sharing my every waking moment with you, and feeling your arm draped over me each night as I fall asleep. 

We have had such adventures together. One of the biggest of which is parenting. We are doing our best to help navigate our three wonderful kids into adults who will give more to society than they take away. That they will be resilient, happy and content in their own skin regardless of what the world throws at them. 

And the biggest adventure? Is managing to stay madly, totally in love with each other. Neither of us are perfect. We have changed a lot in the 18 years since we said "I do" But somehow we have changed together and learnt to love the person we have each become. 

I left my home country for you. I watched you pack my life's belongings into the boot of your car on my parents driveway the morning after our wedding. I trusted that you would would keep me safe as I started a new life with you in another country. And then nine years later I packed our suitcases once again and held your hand as we boarded a one way flight to Australia to begin our new adventure "Down Under"

To the man I can be vulnerable and true in front of. To the man who loves me with bed head hair as much as when I am dressed up. To the man who is my perfect fit. Who is half of my identity. 

I love you. 

Plain and simple. 

18 wonderful years later, would still say "I do" ?

In a heartbeat. 

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  1. Awww, how lovely! Happy anniversary to the two of you.

    Eighteen years is wonderful. May the coming years be richly blessed.

  2. Wow Gina. That is one true love story. Congratulations to you and Mr B. Xx

  3. Happy Anniversary Gina and Byron
    Wishing you all the best. May the next 18 be as wonderful as the first 18.
    Elaine, Ed, Megan and Nyah

  4. Happy Anniversary too an amazing couple, you were made for each other . All our love on your special day Jul & Huw. Xxxxx.

  5. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful! What an adventure you have been on together. Happy happy anniversary to both of you.

  7. Your words brought happy tears to my eyes!!! How blessed you both are to have each other and your three beautiful children!!! Happy anniversary to you both!!! May always be madly in love!!! :) xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  8. That is super sweet. Happy anniversary to both of you!!!

  9. So lovely GIna. Congratulations!

  10. Happy anniversary to a very special couple. Lots of love xxxx