Tuesday, September 02, 2014

02:09:14 Warm and Toasty

So much for the warmth of Spring. Today we woke to rain and wind. A perfect day for staying at home. A day for making crunchy granola to sprinkle on yogurt and fruit. And while the oven is on some mini apple crumble for the kids after tonights tea.

It's a 5:2 fast day for me today (after an abandoned one yesterday due to a migraine) Surprisingly on days I fast I quite like to cook. It's as though the smells wafting under my nose quell the hunger pangs and trick my body into thinking that there is no shortage of food around. 

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  1. I can't wait for the cool, crisp days of autumn!! I'm getting my crock pot ready and I've been eying my autumn wreath for the front door. My favorite time of the year!!! By the way, that granola looks absolutely yummy!!! I hope your migraine is better today. Here in the states, we have something called Excedrin Migraine. It's over-the-counter. At the first sign of a blind spot (my signal that a migraine is coming on) I take two and most of the time the blind spot goes away within the hour and the headache never happens. They are truly horrible, aren't they?? : (