Sunday, September 14, 2014

14:09:14 Silver spoons

Last week I saw a box of little souvenir spoons in our local op-shop (charity shop) Many of them were silver plated and some were clean and boxed while others were battered and discoloured. I chose 6 random ones and brought them home thinking they would be cute to polish up and use with my gradually increasing collection of different cups and saucers.

Rhiannon saw them and asked could she have one. She chose her favourite and brought it away to her room. As I carried clean laundry into her room this week I spotted it on her desk and wanted it back! She had peeled off the rubbery disk on the handle that had said the name of the town the spoon had been bought in. She had then taken to it with her craft and make-up supplies and done something very clever! Immediately I wanted to throw the clean piles of laundry on the floor and race back to the shop to buy up every last spoon they had. Being night-time I had to contain myself and wait.

I mis-timed the Saturday opening hours of the shop and arrived as the shutters were being pulled down. I begged the men who were lugging heavy furniture into the loading doors to allow me in. They shrugged and pointed at an open side door and said to take my chances. But be warned, if the ladies had closed off the till they wouldn't serve me. I ran in and straight to the box of spoons. It was almost empty. I took the remaining spoons and added up the cost based on what I had been charged the last time. I heard the money being counted in a backroom. The door had a chain and padlock that allowed it open a crack and no more. I reached my hand in and called out to the lady inside. "I have one last bit of money for you." She barely looked up as she reached out and took my coins. Didn't ask who I was? How I got in? What I was buying? Just took the money and carried on counting!

I ran back out the side door, thanking the men profusely, and headed home again with my stash. I've got out the silver polish and cleaned them all and removed the little sticky disks with place-names I've never been. The spoons are now ready for some Rhiannon magic! I promise to share when she has finished...

Watch this space!

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  1. that is so funny - I love those whacky op shop ladies, they are so matter of fact! Hope they all cleaned up beautifully!