Wednesday, September 03, 2014

03:09:14 Granny's Recipe

When the girls were young they loved watching Granny make her famous Irish Brown Bread. The recipe was not written down anywhere. It was loosely based around some core ingredients but the quantities were done by eye and by the feel of the dough as Granny kneaded it in her hands on the kitchen bench top. One day Sian decided to watch and write down the quantities so we could make it ourselves at home. This is the piece of paper she wrote on. The writing is childish and the paper has many creases and stains on it but it is a piece of paper I refer back to over and over again as we make our own loaves on the other side of the world. 

For anyone struggling to make out the detail here is my "translation" 

Plain Flour 5 big mugs (1Kg)
Coarse grain flour (Wholemeal) 5 big mugs (1Kg)
Wheat Germ 170g
Salt 1 regular/flat teaspoon
Bread soda (Bicarbonate of soda) 5 heaped teaspoons
Cooking marg 80-100g (We use butter)
2 Litres Butter Milk

Mix ingredients together
Knead it
Pop it on to baking sheet
Cut bread in squares (Use your finger or a knife to score lines in the wet dough to divide a large tray into six equal sized squares to make it easier to divide afterwards)
Pour rest of milk on top of the bread (This gives a nice gloss to the crust)
Then put in oven for 50-70 minutes 160 degrees C.

Have you ever made Irish brown bread or Soda bread as it is often called?

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