Tuesday, September 16, 2014

16:09:14 Chess

Gareth's school has done so many day excursions recently, entering the kids into science and technology competitions and also a "Chess day"

One of the teachers set up a lunchtime chess club over the Winter. Gareth enjoyed it and was one of the kids who got chosen to enter a day-long chess comp in Newcastle. Us mums were the taxi's again (which I love doing as you get to listen to the kids chat together in the back and learn a lot about the dynamics of their friendships!)

The day was incredibly well organised and all the kids really enjoyed it.

There were no winners amongst Gareth's school group but they all had a lot of fun. As with many other excursions this year this day out was another "last" for Gareth as his time at Primary School draws to an end. I am treasuring each and every chance to spend time around my lovely boy as I know High School will bring a lot of change.

I feel like in recent weeks the house has fallen apart and the standard of organisation and cleanliness has dropped way below what I'd like but I am determined to have memories of time with my kids rather than memories of scrubbing bathrooms! Do you agree...?!

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