Friday, September 05, 2014

05:09:14 Father's Day sausage sizzle

All around Australia kids are getting ready for Fathers Day weekend. Gareths school does a sausage sizzle breakfast for all males that are a part of our kids lives, Fathers, Grand-fathers, Uncles, family friends.

It's so important to remember the kids that don't have their Dads in their lives. Only this year one of Gareth's classmates had the trauma of his dad dying. I can't imagine how that boy will be going through this weekend. Their teacher took a moment while the boy was out of the classroom to remind the kids to be supportive of their friend and to take care not to be insensitive as they talked about their plans for the weekends celebrations. As a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds this is a hard balance. Even as adults I think we can struggle around friends who have lost a family member but at least we have a bit more life experience to draw from.

So as we celebrate as a family this weekend with the one and only Mr B we will also try to say a little prayer for Gareths friend and anyone else missing their Dad, young or old. 

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