Tuesday, September 23, 2014

23:09:14 I have an onion and I'm not afraid to chop it!

I never knew I needed them until I saw a pair in my my Sister-in-law's kitchen. 

Onion goggles!!!

The half sunglasses, half swimming goggles that prevent those nasty onion fumes from making you turn into a snivelling mess while making dinner. When I cut onions I don't just cry, I sob! I have scared my kids when they were younger, now they just laugh at their mother preparing dinner and crying like she's a crazy banshee

But no more! Because my wonderful Sister-in-law has given me my very own pair for my birthday! Yippee! Now to find something to make for tea... 

French onion soup perhaps...?!

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  1. You are looking fabulous Gina!!!

  2. I sooooooooo need a pair of these!!! LOL!!! What a brilliant idea!! xo