Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Book Week

The kids are celebrating Book Week this week and were allowed to go into school in dress-up clothes today. Rhiannon's class were told to dress in the theme "Transport" and Sian's class were "Roald Dahl Characters"

Rhiannon wanted to be a "car driver" This meant that she could dress up in an ordinary weekend outfit i.e. the new trendy dress I bought her last week...! Clever girl but I wasn't born yesterday!

Eventually she decided to wear the Singapore Airlines air-hostess outfit that we bought her on the flight to Joe's wedding. I put a bun in her hair and a couple of chopsticks and she was perfect!
Sian chopped and changed her mind right up until the last minute, finally deciding to go as the character "Matilda"
Because Matilda had no distinct outfit in the book Sian just wore a simple dress with white knee socks and polished up black shoes. She had a red ribbon in her hair but refused to let me draw some freckles on her cheeks!

When I went to say good-bye to Rhiannon the noise in her class was deafening. Her poor teacher looked frazzled. I wouldn't swap places with her today for all the tea in China!

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