Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cians 1st Birthday!

Cian is one!

A whole year of watching him change from an adorable little blob to an adorable little boy! He really is the cutest little thing with a face that can change from serious and puzzled to a cheeky smile in just a split second! Of course there has never been as cute and adorable a nephew in all of Australia. What else would you expect from such a great gene pool!

We were invited to his first Birthday party this weekend in Sydney. Because Gareth was not well Byron had to stay at home with him and I had to do the drive with the two girls. I hate the Sydney roads and with APEC in the news at the moment I wasn't even 100% sure if I could drive my normal route... We made it in good time and Anne pulled up seconds after us so we helped her to carry loads of Helium balloons up the 55 steps to Joe and Rhondas house. The girls looked like they might take flight and float away!

The party was lovely and very calm for a house full of crawling babies. As always we were treated to the very best of food and champagne and had a very pleasant day. Sian and Rhiannon were the oldest kids there and were in their elements fussing over the little babies. Normally they are fighting with each other for Cians attention but at the party they had two or three babies each to play with.

The cake was a fabulous bright number "1" that Rhonda and Joe had made and decorated together. A brilliant team effort! We brought the last slice home to Gareth and he was so happy that Cian had remembered him!

Happy Birthday Cian, We look forward to many more fun days watching you play and grow with your cousins!

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