Monday, September 17, 2007

Rugby presentation

This weekend marked the end of this years rugby season for Sian and Rhiannon. There was a presentation on at a local club.

We found a table with Harry, Tom and Isaacs families and watched them line up and be presented with a medal, group photo and club hat. They were given a bag of chips and a can of fizzy drink and ran around the hall like lunatics burning off the sugar and e-numbers!

Afterwards we went back to Maree and Johns house and had a great afternoon watching the kids splash around in the swimming pool while we tucked into a lunch of random tasty things we had all brought with us!

As the light faded we had one last natter in front of the window and watched the sky turn various shades of peach and orange before reluctantly dragged the kids up from playing on the jetty to go home.

It was a great end to the Rugby season. Only question now will be whether the girls join up again next year. Sian would move up an age group which means it would no longer be tag rugby but full on contact. We have our reservations about risking cauliflower ear and broken noses before we marry her off to a good family...

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