Sunday, September 02, 2007

The worlds most expensive bottle of wine....

I like wine.

Red wine in particular.

I have drunk enough bottles in my time to know that I don't like cheap plonk.

I have not drunk enough bottles in my time to truly appreciate anything more than your average price tag.

You hear great stories of business men going out to corporate lunches and having expensive bottles of wine that cost as much as most peoples weekly wage. I've never been to one of these lunches and am not sure if I would feel comfortable drinking such a valuable liquid. Imagine if I spilt some on the table cloth..? I would obsess about whether it was worth the cost of a new pair of shoes...or a handbag...

I digress. The point of this blog entry is to tell you about a very, very expensive bottle of wine I bought this evening. Or two to be exact. I picked up two favourite bottles of red wine in a local bottle shop on my way home from the beach. WolfBlass red label and Taylors Promised Land. Both lovely wines. Just under the $15 dollar mark and perfect to drink with a nice meal or in front of the TV on a Sunday evening. The total bill was $26.98 As always I handed over my bank card and the guy behind the till typed the amount to be paid into the hand-held key pad, pressed "Enter" then passed it to me to type in my 4 digit pin. It was only as I handed it back that the guy realised that the key pad hadn't registered the "Enter" button and my pin number had added 4 numbers onto the £26.98 making the transaction value look like it was an eight figure total!

I won't divulge my Pin number on-line but suffice it to say that the two bottles of wine were costing me just over $269,800.00 !!!!

Enough to buy a small house!

Beat that all you corporate rich men! I think I must have (nearly) purchased the worlds most expensive wine!!!


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