Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grandparents Day

Granny and Grandad Joe regularly send E-Cards to the kids through the Hallmark web site (with the help on Auntie Carrie the computer whizz!) It is a fun way of sending messages to keep in touch and the kids love them.

We were looking at an E-card that they were sent today when we saw that it was "Grandparents Day" We decided to send an E-card back to them and found a fun new type of E-card that allows you to import your own photos into the card.

Gareth sat on my knee and spent ages choosing some photos and thinking of funny things to type under them. It took a bit of persuasion not to have him choose 10 photos of himself! Eventually we sent it and then before logging off it has given us the option to "Blog" the E-card...

So here goes...

Hopefully somewhere below will be a button to press so you can see Gareths creation!

Grandparents Day 07

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