Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where are the Grandparents?

2 weeks ago my folks decided to maximise their time in Australia by travelling further afield. They booked flights to Brisbane, hired a car for 28 days and armed with a map they left on their adventure.

They've certainly been busy, travelling through Queensland visiting places such as Brisbane, Harvey Bay, Toowoomba, Texas, Armidale, Gold Coast, Glen Innes and the Sunshine Coast. They've just crossed into NSW and are travelling south via Byron Bay and at the moment they are in beautiful Coffs Harbour.

I supplied them with a mobile phone so we could keep in contact and at first we chatted every couple of days. Some of the places they visited though were way in the outback so they often had no phone coverage. They last rang a week ago from a place called Texas:,+NSW,+Australia&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title

They rang from a phone box as there was no mobile phone coverage and said they would ring again soon. "Great" I said, "enjoy yourself but keep in touch".

A week later and they hadn't made contact and Gina and I were getting concerned. I couldn't ring them and they hadn't rung me....

Luckily, they at last called this afternoon to say that they were having such a great time that the time had flown and hadn't realised it had been a week since they last made contact.

Parents !

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