Saturday, September 01, 2007

Off roading.

Byron wanted to go for a spin in the car today. A gentle weekend drive we all thought. Byron had other plans. After talking to Paul about different beauty spots in the Wattagan mountains he left the map at home and off we set....

The roads started off fairly driveable. They progressed from tarmac to unsealed and ended up being little more than dirt tracks with deep fissures from the recent heavy rains! Despite being in a big chunky four wheel drive with sturdy suspension we were thrown around like clothes in a tumble drier! Byron's Dad was talking about how it was like being in a car rally and I think this made Mr B's driving even more bravado... !

Without having much of an idea where we were or where we were going (the SatNav had long given up on trying to find us!) we carried on driving until we found ourselves at Boardinghouse dam. We have been told many times by Anne and Kel that it is a gorgeous place that they will bring us to some day. Sorry Anne and Kel, it looks like we made it there sooner than we thought. We would still love to go back again more prepared with a big picnic later in the summer.

It was a fun day but I'm not sure the car will ever be the same again!

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