Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fathers Day

We have had a lovely day today. We woke up to glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.

As soon as he was dressed Byron ran outside to his new patio to light up the barbie! He cooked a great breakfast of bacon, eggs and beans and had numerous refills of his strong coffee. A perfect start to a busy day.

He was bombarded with presents and cards from the kids, not a tie or pair of socks in sight! Gareth was so proud of a new T-shirt we had found last week for him that said "My Dad can do anything" He walked around with his chest puffed out all day for people to admire!

We went to Catherine Hill Bay for a few hours and sat on the beach watching the kids splash around in the icy cold sea.

Byron braved the water for a quick boogie board but nearly died of hypothermia and came back out to warm up with a hot cup of coffee from the flask.

Because we had a large breakfast quite late in the morning we only started feeling hungry mid afternoon. We packed up and brushed the sand off our feet before heading off to the "16 Footers" a big yacht club nearby. We had a meal and Rhiannon asked Byron "Is this our tea?" When Byron said that it was she asked "What happened to lunch?!!"

We had a nice coffee on the balcony of the club overlooking the boats on the lake and then finally headed home, tired, sandy but happy!

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  1. beautiful photos well done Dad looks sooo proud By xx