Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to School.

Today was the first day back to school for all three kids. There was great excitement last night polishing shoes and laying out uniforms. After 6 weeks of holidays we are all ready for a bit of routine. I went to bed with the familiar and comforting sight of  three school bags in a line by the front door, three pairs of shiny shoes next to them, three hats, three drink bottles, three lunch boxes, three fruit containers, three .....

I think you get the message. My need for calm consistency after weeks of wonderful chaos was as strong tonight as my need for wonderful chaos after a whole school year of calm consistency back in December!

Sian was the first to leave. She went off with Byron while I got ready to bring Gareth and Rhiannon. We imagined that Sian might have been the nervous child, seeing as how she was starting in a new High School. It was Gareth who surprised us by getting a wobbly lip a few minutes after Byron's car pulled down the driveway.  He cried for his big sister and said he was going to miss her looking after him in the playground and on the school bus home. Lots of hugs and reassurance from Rhiannon and we were finally back on track and ready to jump in our car and the begining of a new year of adventures and learning!

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  1. Aw they look so cute. The best of luck to your daughter in High school.

  2. Sian looks so young to be in high school. But I thought the same thing about my youngest when she started last year. :)

    I agree with you about the calm after the vacation storm. Even though I have to get up a bit earlier when school is in session, I actually like the routine after the summer break. Something so comforting about familiar I suppose.

  3. Awww, how fun. It's always crazy to see the different seasons there as here it is the middle of the school year.

  4. exciting Sian going to high school. That's so cute Gareth being the teary one!

  5. Hope the first day went well for all!! Including you Gina!!

  6. Very cute! What an exciting day. I miss the school my girls went to where they had to wear uniforms. I LOVE school uniforms!!

  7. Are school uniforms stressful? We don't have those here (well, unless it's a private school). Your kids look happy and ready to get back, too! My Keagan starts preschool this year and I am already nervous.

  8. aww loving those hats!

  9. Best of luck in high school Sian...I know you will do brilliantly!!
    Sharon Rutter