Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Byron has a love of single malt whisky. On his 40th Birthday he got a few bottles from friends and family. On a visit to Ireland the year he turned 30 I secretly bought him a beautiful silver whisky measure. It can be turned either way for a single or a double. The silver has Celtic patterns worked into it and the handle is made of petrified bog oak. Whenever Byron gets his whisky out he enjoys the ceremony of pouring it. It starts with choosing carefully which bottle to sample. Out comes the measure and the glass. His favourite glass is one given to us on our wedding day back in 1996. It is hand made in the Waterford crystal factory which has now, sadly, closed down due to the recent economic crisis.

One of the bottles of whisky that Byron got on his 40th last August came from my Mum and Dad. Knowing they had planned a visit to us he has delayed opening their bottle so that he could share the moment with them. Finally one night last week the bottle came out of the cupboard along with the measure and the glasses. There was much discussion and reminiscing as the whisky was poured and swirled, sniffed and savoured.

The best part of the evening was sitting back, chilling out and watching two men that are really important to me sharing a bloke'ish moment. Excuse the tiny photo. I took it with my phone. I didn't want to spoil the moment by rushing away to grab my real camera. Its only a snapshot but when I look at it I smile and feel like I am back sitting at the table with them. Some moments in life are worth more than you can justify with words and for me this is one of them...

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  1. Sometimes lifes best memories are the ones that catch you by surprise.