Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Christening.

The Christening was wonderful. It was a HOT day and wearing smart clothes in a non air-conditioned church nearly melted us all! I think it must have hit 40 degrees C (104 F) at some point. Thank God for an old fashioned  Spanish souvenir fan that appeared out of Anne's handbag and got shared around!

It was an emotional day. For the first time since my parents arrived in Australia a week ago we managed to get our whole family under the same roof. It only lasted just over an hour until the Christening was over and then my sister had to leave from the church to the airport. Lots of tears smudging make-up in the emotional setting of an old church. Hugs, goodbyes and then waving into the distance.

We went back to my brothers house to spend the afternoon in air-conditioned cool. This is one of my favourite photos of the day. My three kids just star struck over their newly Christened cousin...

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  1. That picture is so precious! Thanks for sharing. Glad you all got to be together.

    With love and hope,
    We are Nine

  2. Loving the expression of "the cousin" - sort of like "man, what are they saying? somebody get me outta here. I want my mama...."

  3. Glad you all got together and enjoyed the moment hopefully it will not be as long to catch up again next time. Karen

  4. What a beautiful picture for a beautiful (but hot) day.

  5. I just love this picture of your children and their cousin!! We are in the midst of very cold weather here and, honestly, I'd take our weather over your hot weather any day of the week!! I'm glad you finally found air conditioning!! It must've been wonderful to have all of your family together. It's so difficult to say goodbye, isn't it. :(

    ~ Wendy