Thursday, January 21, 2010

Norah Head

Today we went on an adventure. We got a text a few days ago asking us to meet some friends at the entrance to the kids school at 8.30 this morning. We were to wear swimmers, bring towels, water and picnic food and lots of sunscreen. It was an early start for a school holiday morning but we made it on time.

We followed a convoy of friends on a one hour drive to a place I have never been before called Norah Head. It was spectacular. There was a rocky outcrop where the waves pounded the rock pools. We set out our towels and let the kids explore around us while us Mums chatted and put the world to rights.

Its amazing how 14 kids aged from 5 to 13 can play side by side in blissful harmony without killing each other... and how 7 Mums can spend 9 hours in each others company and not run out of conversation!

We are home now and tingly from our day in the sun. There is enough sand in our hallway to start up our own small beach and the washing machine is groaning with the weight of all the wet towels and swimmers. I'm off for a shower and an early night. The cleaning up can wait till the morning!

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  1. What a fun, fun, outing! We woman sure can talk for hours, can't we? Norah Head looks so adventurous for kids! Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day.....although it made me cold looking at the kids in the water. I suppose because I know how cold our water is now!! :)

  3. Orange poppy seed muffin sounds awesome! Deal!

  4. My brother lives at Norah Head and i used to spend many days there as a child and going to the local beaches (what can i say im a local!!). Lovely spot in the world. Glad you all had fun.

  5. Oh my gosh- that place looks like SOOOO much fun!!!!!!