Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day!

We are a mixture of nationalities in our house. Irish Mother, Welsh Father, kids born in England and since April 2008 we are also all Australian Citizens.

Today is a day to celebrate what we have become without forgetting where we came from.

A day of BBQ's, green + yellow face paint, sausages, flags and a trip to Speers Point to join in the throngs of other families enjoying the live music and hot chips!

Happy Australia day to you too!
Wherever you may be...

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  1. My husband would love this post! Irish born, he has lived in Australia from the time he was 15 (with a 7 year stint in Ireland and Scotland.) Then we met and since 2003 he has been in Canada. He just received his Canadian residency this past August. In honour of Australia Day our girls wore their Australia jumpers today. I suppose they should have worn them yesterday to actually celebrate it with the Australians!

  2. If your girls are holding hot chips, they resemble our french fries in the states....and now I'm craving some! Wonder what I have in the freezer that I can make around fries! :)

  3. i was at speers point on aust day too... it was so damn hot we came home and jumped in the pool!

  4. yum those fries look so yummy!