Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today Rhiannon had a friend here to play while Sian went off to another friends house. They came up with a plan to do a fashion photo shoot. They called me in and explained exactly how they wanted the photos to look, including that they wanted a fan to blow the hair back off their faces as I snapped!

They were so funny as they got dressed up and put on their lip gloss and shoes. I got out the camera and they had their turns posing while the other held the fan up to create their windswept look!

They regularly checked the screen on the back of the camera to check if the photos were what they were expecting.

The big finale was when they decided they wanted to have clothes and fabric falling through the air so in turn one stood and posed while the other threw armfuls of dressing up clothes in the air to tumble down on the grinning model.

We went straight from the photo shoot to the editing room (the family computer!) where they analysed the photos deleting and making me crop them to their specifications. These girls sure do know what they want. I just cant wait till they are famous in the fashion world and I get to sit in the front row at Fashion Week pointing at them and saying "I did their very first fashion shoot you know..."

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  1. That's my kind of fun! What a blast! Girls looking good... who could ask for anything more??

  2. What fun! My sister and I did a little fashion show when we were just kids. We had stumbled across some photos in an old album of my mom & her friend dressing up and posing for the camera, so we tried to recreate those shots. I remember we had a blast doing it. I'll have to dig out those photos again sometime!

  3. Beautiful girls! Looks like they enjoyed themselves! I love your remark about doing their very first fashion shoot! :)

    Oh but you must be careful....with Fashionistas come the desire to own all the latest designer fashions!

  4. Love it! im so glad i have a little girl who will have fun doing things like this.
    Gina, is that a picnic collage???

  5. Oh my lord Gina - what a wonderful episode in their lives! Your children aren't going to have the ordinary 'first day at school' and '10th birthday party' photo's - they'll have an absolutely amazing record of their happy, daily life. Well done you!

  6. Can I just say WOW!

  7. Thanks everyone for your great comments. Rhiannon was chuffed when I read them out to her!

    Yes, it is a Picassa collage Belinda. Picassa is probably the easiest way to make large complicated collages. It creates them in seconds and you just keep clicking the reshuffle button until you are happy with the result.

  8. i like the fashion parade when the clothes were falling that umbrella was a great idea Rhiannon. love Amber

  9. How FUN was that!!!
    iLuved the collageƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ