Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams...

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  1. Love the tooth fairy! Once when our kids were little... I was at my best friends Roxi's having a party. She said she needed to go upstairs... on a mission.. you know...and I went with her. As we were looking at her daughter sleeping, Missy woke up, looked at me and said... Diana, are you the tooth fairy? I shook my head yes and told her to go back to sleep and to keep my secret save. She did. She would give me sly smiles. Till her wedding day, when she told everyone!! Check it out....

  2. When my older children were small I would usually forget to put some money under their pillow from the "tooth fairy". They would come down in the morning with tear stained cheeks saying that the "tooth fairy" forgot them.

    It would be a scramble at that point. I would send my child back to their room because they most certainly would never be forgotten by the "tooth fairy" and then I would frantically search for a collection of quarters to tape together.

    I would tape the quarters to an inconspicuous place on their bed and then say--Wow--here it is, you weren't forgotten :)

    I'm so glad that we no longer do the "Santa" and "Tooth Fairy" at our home anymore. It makes it so much easier :)

    Great picture on your post!

    With love and hope,
    We are Nine

  3. That is a great picture. I LOVE it. We just discovered another loose tooth this morning at our house. Not a molar yet but we are very excited as well. Thanks for always leaving such awesome comments on my blog!! You are the best!!

  4. I loved the tooth fairy days....although I couldn't deal with the loose teeth. Something about it just made my skin crawl....and don't you know the girls thought it was big fun to torture me by showing me the wiggling teeth all the time after they discoverd that!!

    And don't you know, I had a time explaining why the tooth fairy left their cousins five US dollars for a tooth and they only got coins!!

  5. aww what a snap...♥iLuv how you edit this picture!!
    iHope it brings him some money!
    We Luv the toothfairy, oh and BTW we saw the movie and it was AWESOME!

  6. That is priceless!