Monday, January 18, 2010

Brown Bread recipe.

Here is the recipe I follow for the Brown Bread I talked about on the last post. Debbie asked for it in the comments section and so I am delighted to share it with you! I love all your comments. It is a good feeling knowing that someone else enjoys my random words and photos. I love posting a new blog entry and then seeing the comments appear over the next few hours. Thanks for the compliment semicrunchymama.   Carrie, you wished we were neighbours, well my brother will be heading to Japan next week. I'll stick a bag of bread in his suitcase for you! Belinda, It's true we are almost neighbours. I've seen your son eat. I'm not sure I could afford to invite you around for morning tea! Maybe I will have to meet you in the local park again soon...

Anyway back to the bread. It is my Mums recipe that she used when I was growing up in Dublin. I print it onto plain paper bags and then share out portions amongst friends. It saves them asking for the recipe and me taking forever to remember to give it to them! I thought the easiest way to share it was to just take a photo of today's bread complete with an empty paper bag that is soon to be filled and sent down to Sydney to my brother in the morning.


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  1. Whoo-hoo! I was secretly hoping you'd post this, but afraid to ask, in case it was one of those top-secret family recipes!
    I love brown bread. I can't wait to try this -- I just have to translalate the grams to ounces, first. :)

  2. That looks delicious! And I love your creative pictures!

  3. Thanks Gina!! Can't wait to make it!! Yum!

  4. Wow I will definitely be trying that!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I came upon your blog via a comment on Hailey's Halo awhile ago. I just wanted to let you know that your words and photos brighten my day. As a mom of three kids under the age of 5 you give me hope that someday I will think to take a photo of that bottle of wine or to print the recipe on a paper bag. You are absolutely inspiring. BTW, I live in central Illinois, if you want to put it on your calendar.

  6. I meant your map :)

  7. thought i was a friend i even took photos of you soaked to your undies blueberry picking so where's my bag filled with my portion lol KAREN although i have tried it at tennis its very good

  8. Somehow I knew you would rise to the bait Karen. I made some yesterday and have a bag with your name on it sitting in my kitchen!!! All you have to do is call in for it!

  9. Thanks for Annie but she as also urinary leakage, kisses

  10. To get the joke about 90 year old Annie, the car trip, the face cream and the urinary leakage I strongly suggest anyone reading these comments should visit Coreys fabulous blog at:

    Warning: you risk becoming addicted!

  11. that looks yummy! I will probably never attempt it, since I stink at making bread, but I love your idea of printing the recipe right onto the bag.

  12. Thanks for the recipe (and the mention), Gina! I can't wait to try it! What part of Japan is your brother moving to? We live a few hours (by plane) from the mainland on the island of Okinawa. I have 2 friends here (who I know from different circles) both from just went home for Christmas and had a lovely time. I'd love to visit Australia while we're's closer than having to travel from the USA, that's for sure. Now to make a travel plan to get that bread from your brother... ;^)

  13. That looks absolutely scrumptious! I mean seriously! Yum!

  14. The country is going to be awash with Irish Brown Bread after that photo, it looks incredibly easy, I can almost smell it.