Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dad says YES !!!

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  1. Very cute! I want one too.

    Darling family pics, and you look GREAT in yesterday's photo.

  2. Any chance he'd buy me and Ipad too?

  3. Yay! Enjoy it. Pretty soon you'll have bought all kinds of apps for it. =)

  4. We love it when Dad says YES!!! I love Apple! I recently had a GREAT apple experience too! What should have been very costly to me was instead handled in such a way that Apple would cover the damages! The Apple Bar Genius manager MADE MY DAY! I love such random acts of kindness! He knew how distressed I was and totally fixed it for me! Congrats.... I want one of those too!!!

  5. Funny!
    Have fun with your new ipad. I sit on the sofa most nights with mine browsing through blogs, it's great.
    ps I'd be interested to know about the welsh cookery book that you've got.

  6. I love mine, too. It would be near perfect if I could blog from it! Congrats, Baynhams!

  7. This is too funny!! have fun with your new ipad. We do not have one but I have heard how fun they are!!
    If you get your hands on the recipe of the bread with the icing piled a mile high, please do share!! Yummy!!!
    have a great week, Gina! Your family is beautiful...and you are too!