Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're going camping!

A friend suggested that we try going camping over the school holidays. Nothing too fancy or far away. Just a weekend in a camp-site that is about 40mins drive away!

We got together for a cuppa and made our plans while the kids played. We all have small 2 man tents we bought a couple of years ago for the last camping weekend. Someone mentioned a great offer in the local Aldi. For one week only they were selling a 6 man tent for $49! We finished our coffee and decided we would go straight to Aldi to see if we could buy one.

We weren't the only ones to decide this. Our friends the Scanlons had the same plan. Only problem was that they were parked in front of us and were able to make a quicker get away down the driveway. We all pulled in to the supermarket car park together, parked and before the engines were off the doors were sprung open and we were all dashing hell for leather into the store. It was like supermarket dash as we raced around the aisles trying to find a tent. I found one first but fortunately Mark also found one nearby!

We laughed as we queued up to pay. I'm not sure what the man serving us was thinking about us as we paid out of breath and laughing. Then me with my mobile saying "smile" and saying I'd be blogging when I got home! 
The camping weekend is still a few weeks away and so far at least 6 familes are booked in!
I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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  1. What fun at the store... Winner winner... glad you all won!