Friday, December 14, 2007

Rhiannon's tiny tooth

Back in October Rhiannon noticed a tiny tooth growing out of her gum. It was a tiny needle-like projection.

At the dentist soon after we didn't manage to confirm exactly what it was. Was it a tiny tooth or a broken shard from when the baby tooth had fallen out incompletely? Broken shards normally happen if a tooth is pulled by a dentist but is unusual in a normal tooth fall out scenario. Rhiannon had already researched the Guinness World Records website to learn if she could have broken a record for the smallest tooth...!

Yesterday the tooth fell out. She is so excited as now you can see the full size and shape of it. She has already written her letter (with Sian's help) to the Guinness World Records office and is totally convinced it will be published in the next edition....!

Here is a photo of the tiny tooth....

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