Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rhiannons First Reconciliation

Tonight was Rhiannon's First Reconciliation.

All the weeks of preparation in our weekly groups in the living room were ready to be put to the test.
It didn't bode well when Rhiannon woke up this morning saying "I changed my mind, I'm not doing it...."

After lots of chat and reassurance (and a reminder that she would not be able to do her First Communion next year) she finally decided it was worth while. I think the possibility of missing out on wearing the Communion dress I made for Sian was more than she could bear!

The ceremony itself was very low key and calm. Rhiannon enjoyed it and had a big grin on her face when she came back to us after her turn.

We came home, had cookies and hot milk and threw them all into bed.

Here are the photos. They are a bit sparse because cameras were banned from the actual ceremony. I got a good laugh out of the group one, Gar looks very relaxed!

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  1. It looks like Byron is about to join Gareth in a spot of "digging" in that group photo! Like father like son...