Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scanlons boating day

Our friends Mark and Monica decided to host a boating day on the lake outside their house.

We all turned up in cars and boats and brought picnic food to share. We arrived in the Red Dragon and beached the boat on the shoreline next to the Scanlon house.

It was a great day and was made better when Anne Marie turned up.

It was her 4oth Birthday and we had been hoping that she would make an appearance. We had made a Birthday Cake and put up birthday banners and balloons.

Byron spent most of the afternoon dragging a biscuit behind our boat while different kids jumped in and out.

I managed to escape on a catamaran for two long sails and had a ball.

I have never been on one before and initially found the concept of needing to be attached to a thin wire with a hook a little disconcerting. I was very glad of my wire on quite a few occasions when I lost my footing and went flying through the air! At one stage Mr B, Paul, David and Simon tried racing us in the Red Dragon and found it a hard job to keep up we were travelling so fast!

It was a wonderful day and we were sad to wave goodbye to everyone on the shore but we needed to get back to Styles Point and the car before sundown.

Byron drove the boat at a flying pace as the sun set over the lake and we only just got the boat back on the trailer at Styles Point and drove the boat home and up the driveway before darkness really descended.

We had so much fun we think the Scanlons should host one every weekend!

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