Friday, December 21, 2007

The pool landscaping is finished!



THANK-YOU Paul, Mitch and Shayne !!!

At last our pool landscaping is finished!

Paul, Mitch and Shayne bust a gut all week working flat out in awful weather conditions trying to complete our back garden in time for the Christmas holidays. They laid pavers around the swimming pool and paved the path from the patio to the pool gate. They worked in torrential rain and scorching heat. Today they finally removed all the left over rubbish from the house build, spread top soil and turfed over all the remaining garden area.

It looks absolutely amazing!

We are so happy to have finally reclaimed the back garden as a place for chilling out and letting the kids play

...and just in time for the Christmas New Year break too.

When they laid down their tools Byron asked them to pose for a final photo......

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  1. That's looking great, we'll have to think hard about coming back?

  2. Congratulations on your pool landscape. It looks absolutely amazing. I can't imagine how much hardwork you've put into this and look at the fruit. I know every effort is worthwhile just by looking at it.
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