Saturday, December 22, 2007

Citizenship exam: Ginas turn.

As you may be aware we are applying for Australian Citizenship. One of the first steps involves sitting an exam: 20 questions to be answered in 45 mins. The questions are based on Australian history, geography, politics and values. Byron sat his exam earlier this month. For those of you who have heard the story, I had a lot to live up to....

Mr B managed to get 100% and in just 3 minutes

Smart A*** !!!

I had my exam yesterday. I swotted and swotted, doing numerous on-line test exams. The pass rate is 60% and I was averaging about 75% so I thought I would be OK.

I felt sick going into the exam building. I hate exams and have historically been flustered in exam conditions, forgetting simple answers and doing daft things like forgetting to turn over the exam sheet to see page two....

It went fine. It was on a computer and I found the answers fairly straightforward. When I pressed the submit button I waited to hear the verdict....

Result: Pass.

Percentage: 90% (failed two politics questions?!)

Time taken: 2 mins 51 seconds!

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