Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas party

A local club we are members of put on a big Christmas party for all the kids every year.

This is the first year we have gone.

For $5.50 entry they got a wristband allowing them unlimited rides on the dodgem cars, bouncing castle etc.

They also got free crisps, sweets, soft drinks, fairy floss, ice cones etc.

We arrived about 12.30pm and heard the announcement over the loud speakers that Santa was arriving by helicopter any minute. We watched in excitement as the helicopter landed in the next field and out jumped Santa. The local fire Brigade helped him into a fire engine and drove him the short journey into the football grounds we were in.

It was very different from going to see the big man in Milton Keynes in the UK!

After a few hours and a crazy amount of sugar and food colourings we called in quits.

It was great fun but I sure am glad Christmas comes but once a year!

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